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ECP Malaysia represents RejuvaHeart™ ECP procedure that help increasing blood flow.

Non-invasive Treatment  for Erectile Dysfunction That is Actually Good for Your Overall Health!

Overview of RejuvaHeart™

For people with cardiovascular problems, such as angina, even simple activities—like going to the mailbox or walking the dog—can be challenging even after bypass surgery.

If you are one of these people, take heart. There is a non-invasive treatment called RejuvaHeart™. This therapy has clinical experience that has proven to be safe and beneficial for the treatment of angina and heart failure.

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Benefits of RejuvaHeart™

  • Treat and improve quality of life for patients who don’t respond well to medications or are not candidates for surgery.
  • Treatment is non-invasive and requires no medication.
  • Improves cardiovascular circulation and minimizes dependence on medications.
  • The hour long treatment is painless and patients can read, watch TV, sleep or talk to someone for the hour.
  • Clinical studies show RejuvaHeart™ therapy is effective in more than 80% of patients.
  • Relief from chest pain, shortness of breath and other symptoms occur three to four weeks after beginning the treatment.
  • Beneficial for patients experiencing erectile dysfunction.

RejuvaHeart™ ECP Procedure

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