FAQ on ECP Service

  • How Can ECP Therapy Help My Patients?

ECP Therapy may reduce the need for medications, increase exercise tolerance and improve your patient’s quality of life.

  • Is ECP Therapy a Safe Option for My Patients?

Yes, it’s completely non-invasive, thereby reducing the risk of complications associated with surgery. Complications as a result of treatment are typically minor and rare when compared to other treatments. Most people tolerate ECP therapy with no major discomfort, side effects or complications. Typical side effects include fatigue or muscle aches. A small number of people develop pressure sores, skin irritation or bruising from the cuff inflation.

  • How Effective is ECP Therapy?

ECP Scientific data shows that ECP therapy is 75-80% effective and the benefits are sustained for 3-5 years post treatment.

  • How Can ECP Therapy Benefit My Practice?

By adding ECP Therapy to your practice you can offer your “no option” patients an alternative and increase your revenue at the same time.

  • How Can I Add an ECP Therapy System to My Practice?

There are several options, you can rent, lease, rent or lease to own, or own. Our sales professionals can help you choose the best option for you. Contact us for further information.