FAQ on RejuvaHeart

1. Who Can Benefit From RejuvaHeart™ Treatment?

Urologist, Dr. Steven Morganstern explains what conditions RejuvaHeart™ therapy can help.

The RejuvaHeart™ treatment is recommended for anyone who has been demonstrated to have vascular problems. You could have patients who are having leg pain, or those experiencing chest pain, or those who have difficulty walking up stairs and become short of breath. There are so many applications for the utilization of RejuvaHeart™. As physicians, we are just scratching the surface of what this technology can deliver to the health system within the United States as well

2. How the RejuvaHeart™ Device Works?

Increasing Blood Flow

The RejuvaHeart™ device is a comfortable bed that is computer directed and synchronized to each individuals heartbeat. During treatment, this physical medicine system envelopes the patients lower legs, thighs and buttocks with air compression that feels like deep tissue massage. It does this in counter pulsation to the patients heartbeat in order to increase blood flow throughout the body while the heart is at rest. The increased blood flow created by this treatment causes a vast network of tiny collateral blood vessels to enlarge, strengthen and grow new pathways for blood to reach the heart, naturally bypassing any blockages. During treatment, blood flow to the penis has also been measured to increase by as much as 140%.

3. Is RejuvaHeart™ Safe?

The RejuvaHeart™ therapy is an alternative to invasive angioplasty and bypass surgery. This procedure is not only safe but also doesn’t require patient hospitalization, and is cost-effective. When all options for the treatment of angina, chest pain and heart problems fail, RejuvaHeart™ therapy is a better alternative than other invasive procedures.

The technology behind the RejuvaHeart™ device was developed over 30 years ago by Harvard physicians. It has been proven safe and effective in hundred of clinical trials. Cleared by the FDA for use in treating class IV angina patients who suffer severe chest pain from lack of oxygen and blood flow, the RejuvaHeart™ technology brings relief and increased stamina even to those too weak to risk the dangers of surgery.

RejuvaHeart™ utilizes non-surgical, safe and effective methods for restoring vascular function, improving endothelial health, increasing circulating stem cells and naturally increasing blood flow, nitrous oxide and oxygen in the body – all critical factors for enjoying healthy energy and good sexual function.

Depending on individual patients, the RejuvaHeart™ therapy benefits patients in the following ways:

  • Fewer incidents of angina
  • Less dependency on anti-angina medicines
  • Lessened chest pain
  • Angina incidents less intense
  • Ability to exercise improves
  • More energy and active lifestyle
  • Get back to work and participate in more social activities
  • Therapy is safe and has little or no risk
  • Helps patients return to a better quality of life

The RejuvaHeart™ therapy is a unique cardiac treatment that has many benefits beyond the heart. The physical mechanism of RejuvaHeart™ therapy delivers oxygenated blood to every vital organ of the body where blockages may exist such as the arteries leading to your lungs, kidneys, liver, brain, and to those in your outer extremities. This mechanical force of increasing oxygenated blood flow has documented proven improvement in patients with diabetes and vascular erectile dysfunction.