How RejuvaFlow™ ED Reversal Protocols Relate to the RejuvaHeart™ Treatment

How Does RejuvaFlow™ Therapy Relate to RejuvaHeart™?

Dr. Steven Morganstern Explains How RejuvaFlow™ Relates to RejuvaHeart™

When looking at all the aspects of an erection, you will find there are many components involved. You have to have electricity, which is your nerves, you have to have blood flow which is your gasoline, then you have to have 2 cylinders which is in the shaft of the penis so that they become erect, then you have to have the hydraulic fluid which is testosterone. All of those parts in the RejuaFlow™ program we can ascertain answers and what  the specific problems are.

Those specific problems can be delineated and can be taught to the patient so that the patient can understand which part of the system is causing the problem and then we can hone in on those specific areas. If increasing blood flow is the main goal, then we can focus our attention on improving that by using the RejuvaHeart™ plus neo-sonic therapy which is low intensity shock wave therapy.  We also utilize CO2 which improves blood flow to the penis. If there is hormonal deficiency,  then the patient is given hormonal support. With RejuvaFlow™ we don’t only look at the individual parts, we deliver to the patient what he needs in totality to allow him to be diagnosed and treated in order to have long term success.