How Does RejuvaHeart™ Work to Improve E.D.?


The definition of impotence is the inability to attain and maintain an erection adequate for vaginal penetration through mutual satisfaction of both parties.  When we first started studying impotence we believed that 90% of the problem was due to psychological  reasons and then over the years and within the last 10 years, we found that greater than 70% of the problems are due to physical problems. Over all these years we have been looking for technologies that were natural and non-invasive that can cure the problems. RejuvaHeart™, or counter pulsation therapy to increase blood flow fit directly into that model because instead of doing a penile implant or penile injection therapy or even using PD5 inhibitors, we were able to use a natural therapy to reverse blood flow deficiencies to the penis just as we decrease the blood flow deficiencies to the heart.

The RejuvaFlow™ program is looking at all the aspects of an erection. An erection has many components to it. You have to have electricity, which is your nerves, you have to have blood flow which is your gasoline, and then you have to have 2 cylinders within the shaft of the penis so that they can become erect, and then you have the hydraulic fluid which is testosterone. All of those parts in the RejuvaFlow™ program allow us to ascertain answers and what are the specific problems. Those specific problems can be  delineated, they can be taught to the patient, the patient can understand which part of the system is causing him a problem. Then we can hone in on those specific areas and if  blood flow is the main issue then we can focus on improving the blood flow by utilizing RejuvaHeart™ plus Neosonic wave therapy which is low intensity shock wave therapy as well as the utilization of CO2 which improves blood flow to the penis.  if there is hormonal deficiency then the patient is given hormonal support. We don’t only look at the individual parts, we then look at the total patient and then deliver to the patient what he needs in totality to allow him to be treated, diagnosed, prevented and then have long term success.