How Many RejuvaFlow™ Treatments Are Needed?

Urologist, Dr. Lawrence Lykins explains how many RejuvaFlow™ treatments are needed for successful treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The patients undergoing RejuvaFlow™ treatments for correction of erectile dysfunction keep weekly appointments, one day a week for 10 weeks.  Each treatment lasts for one hour. the patient is placed on the RejuvaHeart™ device table and are then hooked up to the monitors with cuffs placed around their legs and thighs.  Pressure is increased in the legs alternating when the heart is not beating. This increases the blood flow and increases the nitrous oxide.  Most of the patients start seeing some results at about the 5th or 6th treatment. Using a monitor we measure pressures in the body and usually by the 5th or 6th treatment these monitors tell us we are getting good results also.

After 10 RejuvaFlow™ treatments, the patient come back for a one time treatment every three months. That seems to be working satisfactory for our patients that are experiencing good results for erectile dysfunction.