RejuvaHeart Advantage

You treat the patients, we handle the rest.

The RejuvaHeart ECP system opens the door to new revenue opportunities while addressing today’s demanding clinical environment. The system is designed to deliver effective therapy and seamlessly integrate with information technology systems, track patient outcomes and improve efficiency for clinicians.

Dependable ECP Therapy

RejuvaHeart ECP systems incorporate advanced technology with proven effectiveness and reliability, based on over one thousand systems installed and 11 years of experience. RejuvaHeart systems incorporate the latest ECP innovation of vacuum-assisted deflation. Benefits include:

  • Longer hold time for fast heart rates – Faster deflation allow more time for inflation hold time. This is especially important for faster heart rate where hold time is very short.
  • Fastest systolic unloading and minimized “slamming” – it is critical that the ECP system unload the heart during systole. When a premature beat triggers an early deflation, vacuum-assist pulls out the air fast to release pressure before systole. Then when the system inflates early following the early beat, residual air can cause “slamming”. Since vacuum-assisted deflation minimizes residual air, it minimizes “slamming”.
  • Most complete deflation – Vacuum-assist completely deflates bladders and completely relaxes cuffs to allow free flow of blood back to the legs and feet. Incomplete deflation can hamper blood flow and even lead to “tingling” in the feet. Patients can feel the difference.


Unmatched Productivity and Ease of Use

  • Intelligent features make operation easy and automatic.
  • RejuvaHeart system workflow and screen layouts are intuitive and easy to navigate, even for inexperienced clinicians.
  • Automatic Peak-to-Peak Ration Calculation – Eliminates manual task previously done up to six times per hour.
  • Database backup utility can easily save one or more selected patients to a single CD, USB dvice, or network server to protect against a hard disc crash.

Integrated Outcomes

Tracks and reports on individual patient and group Outcomes including exclusive integrated quality of life survey to track patient progress including SF036 and Minnesota Living with Heart Failure.

Regulatory Compliance

  • US FDA 510(k) clearance for marketing
  • System is safety certified to the UL 60601 standard.

Comprehensive Information Technology Solutions

Integrates with information systems through a seamless interface. RejuvaHeart systems offer assistance via remote software clinical and technical support from service headquarters.

Log into the system via internet connection

  • View system screen remotely
  • Operate system remotely
  • Download files to Support Center
  • Upload software patches and data to customer

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