Why Is RejuvaHeart™ Therapy So Important?

Stent angioplasty procedure with placing a balloonThe RejuvaHeart™ treatment deals with the entire body and its arterial flows. If we think of it in terms of the body being made up of 60,000 miles of blood vessels, all of those blood vessels as we age, get more and more narrow. As they get more narrow, there’s less blood flow getting through to the organs. That means there is less blood flow getting to the heart, and if you get a decrease of blood flow to the heart enough, you get a heart attack. If you don’t get enough blood flow to the genital area, which is part of the hydraulic mechanism, then you are unable to get an erection. Learn about Erectile Dysfunction+

The RejuvaHeart™ therapy improves not only the width of the blood vessels, but also the inflammation in the blood vessels and allows them to be more pliable allowing blood flow to go into the organ and therefore making it more healthy.

Dr. Steven Morganstern explains why RejuvaHeart™ therapy is so important and how it can be instrumental in anti-aging of the vascular system.