Will I Still Need to Use PDE5 Inhibitors After RejuvaFlow?

Phosphodiesterase Type 5 inhibitors have been used by millions of men around the world for erectile dysfunction since the FDA approval of Viagra in 1998. Soon after Cialis and Levitra came on the market. PDE5 inhibitors are often the first recommended treatment for ED. For many they are quite effective but for some men they begin to lose effectiveness after years of use. Other men experience side effects such as headache, flushing and dizziness. It has been found that RejuvaFlow can be used effectively for ED without any side effects and for those for whom PDE5 inhibitors are no longer working.

In this video, Urologist, Dr. Lawrence Lykins discusses the use of PDE5 inhibitors after undergoing the RejuvaFlow™ treatment.

For some patients who want to have sex after RejuvaFlow do not need PDE5s. However, for some patients where the PDE5s had quit working before, now after RejuvaFlow, then they take the PDE5s  and they work. They take Viagra or Cialis and where they had quit working, now they are working better.

Every patient is different. You don’t have a blueprint that every patient goes by.  You try and help everybody with whatever works best for the individual.